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How many new users per day? - GA4 BigQuery

Learn to query Google Analytics 4 data from BigQuery using SQL.

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you will now be able to store your data in Google BigQuery which opens up lots of interesting possibilities with your data. Ask questions of your data with SQL.

Query: How many new users per day?

event_date as date,
count (event_name) as new_users
from `bigquery-public-data.ga4_obfuscated_sample_ecommerce.events_*`
where _TABLE_SUFFIX between '20210101' and '20210107'
and event_name = 'first_visit'
group by event_date
order by event_date asc



  • event_date -> date


  • event_name -> new_users (when combined with a where clause)


  • All queries reference the BigQuery sample GA4 data set. You can try this for free and Google provides a substantial free credit.
  • The dataset contains data from 1 Nov 2020 to 31 Jan 2021.
  • You will need to update the data source if you want to use this query with your own data.
  • You can update the date range to suit your needs. I have chosen 1 Jan 2021 to 7 Jan 2021 for this example.
  • Occasionally the results may not line up perfectly when querying this sample dataset.

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